south african visa optionsForeign nationals who wish to immigrate to South Africa, must apply for a visa to do so. The visa must also fit the activity the foreigner wish to undertake in South Africa. Here is a look at the South African visa options open to foreign nationals:

Work visas

There are four work visas for South Africa. They are the critical skills visa, general work visa, intra-company transfer work visa and individual corporate workers visa. Each visa come with its own criteria and allowances.

Spousal and life partner visas

Spouses and life partners of South Africans can apply for either a spousal visa or life partner visa to join their partner in South Africa. Both heterosexual and same-sex partnerships qualify.

Relatives visa

First and second kin relatives of South Africans can apply for relatives visas to join their family members in South Africa. Only first kin relatives will qualify for permanent residency.

Retired visa

Foreign nationals who would like to spend extended periods of time in South Africa, can apply for a retired visa. There are no age limitations on this visa.

Business visa

To start or buy a business in South Africa, foreign nationals must first apply for a business visa. The minimum investment requirement is ZAR5 million.

Corporate visa

South African companies looking to employ a large number of foreigners will find it easiest to first apply for a corporate visa. They will then be issued with corporate workers certificates. These can then be issued to foreigners to apply for their work visas. This approach speeds up the process and save the South African employer money.

Study visa

The study visa is a requirement for children between the ages of 6 and 16 who are immigrating with their families to South Africa, as well as non dependent foreign students who wish to study in South Africa.

Financially independent visa

Any foreign national who find it difficult to meet the financial requirements for their desired South African visa, should consider applying for a financially independent visa. Instead of proving a monthly income, the applicant would just need to show that they have a net worth of ZAR12 million.

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