South African Individual Corporate Workers Visa

south african individual corporate work visaA South African company who wishes to employ a large number of foreign nationals can apply for a corporate visa.

If the company is successful, they will be issued with individual corporate workers certificates. These certificates are given to prospective employees, to be used in their application for a South African individual corporate workers visa.

Much more than just a requirement, the certificates reduce the red tape associated with work visa applications and speed up the process too.

What is allowed under an individual corporate workers visa?

Foreign nationals working at a South African company on an individual corporate workers visa are allowed to perform duties and functions as determined by the needs of the company, as stipulated in the visa.

What are the main criteria of a South African individual corporate workers visa?

The main criteria for the individual corporate workers visa is that the employer, the South African company, holds a corporate visa and that the foreign national is qualified for the position they are employed in.

Temporary residency

The South African individual corporate workers visa is valid for up to 4 years, but never for longer than the employment contract is valid for.

Permanent residency

In itself the individual corporate workers visa may not lead to permanent residency. Applications for permanent residency can however be made by foreign nationals who have held a work visa for 5 years and the period held on an individual corporate workers visa will count towards this 5-year period.

Therefore if  a foreign national has previously held, or subsequently holds, another type of South African work visa for 12 months or more, this combined with the duration of the individual corporate workers visa would allow for a permanent residency application.

Find out if you qualify for a South African individual corporate workers visa

The criteria as set out above are only the starting point. To find out if you fully comply with the requirements of an individual corporate workers visa, complete our online assessment now. Once we have your details, a consultant will contact you to discuss your eligibility.

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