South African Financially Independent Visa

south african financially independent visaMany of South Africa’s visa options come with strict financial requirements. Foreign nationals who struggle meet these requirements can instead apply for a financially independent visa.

What is allowed under a financially independent visa?

The South African financially independent visa extends automatic permanent residence to the foreign applicant. This means the foreign national with a financially independent visa is free to work, study or start a business while living in South Africa.

What are the main criteria of the South African financially independent visa?

As the name suggests, foreign nationals applying for a financially independent visa must be able to prove that they are financially self-sufficient. In order to do so, the Department of Home Affairs insists on proof of a net worth of ZAR12 million.

This ZAR12 million does not have to be brought into South Africa. Furthermore, there will be no tax on the applicant’s accumulated wealth other than ongoing requirements in terms of income or capital tax. This will also only happen if the applicant is deemed a South African resident for tax purposes.

Should the application be successful, the foreign national must pay ZAR120 000 to the South African Department of Home Affairs. Spouses or life partners must apply for a financially independent visa in their own capacity. If they cannot meet the financial requirements, an application for a spousal or life partner visa can be made.

Permanent residency

As mentioned, foreign nationals who are successful in their application for a financially independent visa will be granted permanent South African residency.

Find out if you qualify for a South African financially independent visa

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