South African Corporate Visa

south african corporate visaThe South African corporate visa allows South African companies to employ a great number of foreign employees, all under the remit of one application. This is a great alternative when applying for work visas individually does not make sense for the company.

What is allowed under a corporate visa?

If a successful application is made, the corporate applicant will be issued with corporate workers certificates. These certificates can then be issued to workers to use in their application for individual corporate workers visas. Having the certificates in hand will speed up and simplify the application process for the foreign employees. The corporate company will then be able to employ the successful applicants.

What are the main criteria of a South African corporate visa?

There are a number of requirements that corporates must satisfy in their South African corporate visa application. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Submitting duly completed application forms.
  • Demonstrating the need to employ foreign employees and in the numbers desired by the corporate.
  • Providing a job description and remuneration package for each foreign employee.
  • Undertaking to ensure that foreign staff members have valid passports.
  • Undertaking that each foreign employee will only be employed in the specific position for which their visa was issued.
  • Undertaking to ensure that foreign staff members will leave South Africa on completion of their duties.

Validity period of the South African corporate visa

The South African corporate work visa is valid for a limited period of time only. The duration would be determined by the Department of Home Affairs in accordance with the request of the corporate applicant.

Find out if your company is eligible for a South African corporate visa

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